Offer conditions

  • If hazardous goods are involved, our offers are subject to acceptance by the transportation companies.
  • Our offers are generally non-binding until the booking is confirmed for the transportation of harmless merchant goods with transport companies of our choice, subject to available cargo space and empty equipment.
  • Our offers are valid for 14 days and require written acceptance. Only then does the validity stated in the offer apply.
  • Our offers do not include fumigation costs, customs and other import duties in the receiving country, and any special costs that are not our responsibility, such as storage and standing fees, demurrage and detention.
  • A separate transport insurance will only be arranged by us upon explicit instruction. We recommend that you insure all your transports with us from door to door against all risks. We would be happy to send you a premium offer upon request.
  • The choice of agents is the responsibility of BHS Spedition and Logistik GmbH.
  • In individual cases, we reserve the right to require advance payment for new business and/or significant transportation costs.
  • We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, according to ADSp 2017 section 3.3, the shipper is obliged to inform the forwarder of particularly valuable or theft-prone goods, as well as goods with a value of 100.00 EUR per kilogram or more, when placing the order. This also applies to fragile and/or flammable goods as well as exhibition and moving goods.
  • Please inform us of such goods already when requesting a quote, as our offer will lose its validity if we are informed at a later stage.

For sea freight:

  • amounts quoted in foreign currency will be converted to EURO at the respective exchange rate and are payable in EURO.
  • Please note that unless otherwise stated, the transport service we offer is not temperature-controlled and we cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related damages. If you require a temperature-controlled transport, please inform us of the desired temperature range and any necessary settings for the refrigerated container, as well as any other special requirements for your goods.
  • Costs for creating the bill of lading and for document preparation compliant with letters of credit are excluded.
  • LCL quotes are based on the dimensions and weights provided by you. If these differ from the actual information, we will adjust them accordingly when invoicing.
  • In case of non-timely provision of VGM, any resulting costs will be borne by the cargo (reweighing, storage charges, etc.).
  • The validity of our quotes refers to the actual shipping date.
  • Please note that in case of a maritime accident, the consignee is subject to joint liability even if your shipment remains undamaged in such an event.
  • The demurrage and storage-free period for shipments via BHS is 3 days from the ship’s arrival. Our customs clearance costs include 3 tariff numbers (applies to sea freight imports).

Applies to sea freight export offers to the USA:

  • Carrier has opted to be exempted from tariff publication requirements per 46 C.F.R. paragraphs 520 and 532 by utilizing Negotiated Rate Arrangements (‚NRAs‘). Carrier’s quotation/proposal sheets and email exchanges contain NRA offer(s) by carrier.
  • Acceptance of the quotation shall become binding after receipt of the cargo by the carrier or its agent (or the originating carrier in the case of through transportation). Carrier reserves the right to modify its NRA rate/charges offer prior to Carrier or its agent (including originating carriers in the case of through transportation) receiving the cargo for transport. All origin and destinations local charges apply whether or not included in CCC’s Rules Tariff or in quotations.
  • This offer is valid 30 days.


  • The amounts received in foreign currency will be converted into Euro at the current exchange rate and are payable in Euro.
  • he calculation of air freight is based on a weight/volume ratio of 1:6. The chargeable weight is rounded up to the nearest half kilogram.
  • Loading is done with airlines of our choice.
  • The fuel and security surcharges mentioned in the offer will be adjusted accordingly by the airline in case of increase or decrease.
  • Additional costs for securing the shipment after “DARC Alarm” (Dark Alarm) will be charged as per the notice.
  • Our offer is exclusively valid for the shipment details provided by you. Any deviation (weight/volume) requires a new calculation.
  • The free storage time, for loading via BHS, is 24 hours after arrival. Our customs clearance costs include 3 tariff numbers (applies to air freight import).

Railway transports:

  • Implementation of transportation depends on the acceptance of the transport company that adequate empty equipment and cargo space is available.
  • Railway service providers reserve the right to change costs at any time, even without notice, and to remove services currently offered from the schedule.
  • In such cases, we are also forced to adjust our offers accordingly.
  • The ADSp latest version applies as the applicable liability basis for the aforementioned transports, and for the offered railway transport, either the CIM with 17 SDR per kg or the SMGS applies depending on applicability.
  • The following costs are not included in our offers: multistops for export/import customs clearance, customs clearance charges, customs/taxes, other import fees, demurrage/detention, standing charges, storage charges, customs inspection, and other costs charged by the transport company that were not known at the time of offer creation.

National land transportation:

  • The offer is subject to change until the final agreement and is based on the current tariffs and regulations. The price is net, including toll and diesel surcharges, but excluding insurance, hazardous goods surcharges, waiting times/standby fees, ferry fees, island surcharges, customs and expenses, value-added tax, and surcharges for our NightLinePlus premium services.
  • Delivery of your shipment will take place within the standard transit time of 48 hours after shipment pickup. For pickups/deliveries at ports/warehouses, we cannot guarantee a scheduled delivery.

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